High Intensity Body Contact Cable - Highly engineered for Low Loss Performance


The High Intensity Body Contact Cable which is visibly safe with the ClearView Spark Gap base.

This cable requires the ClearView Spark gap to function. You may order the cable only if you already have the spark gap, or the cable and spark gap as a package deal.

When we say High Intensity, we mean High intensity! Dr. von Hertz very deliberately engineered this product with the best of materials to minimize loss. This is a premium product with premium engineering. We are pleased to say that the performance of this cable has exceeded our expectations. With other cables, you probably need to crank up your wand to max power to get the sensations you seek. Because of the low loss design, you will find yourself using lower settings and seeing possibilities for other techniques.

Despite claims to the contrary, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to make a zero loss cable for the violet wand.

Loss on body contact cables is a function of resistive loss, corona loss and capacitive loss. Resistive loss is of negligible concern because the driving voltage is so high. Corona loss and capacitive loss are optimized by the design and the materials of the cable for the operating conditions of violet wands (high voltage and high frequency). The wire used in commonly available low cost cables** are often not designed for high voltage use. Inexpensive high voltage wire is usually only designed for DC, which is a much simpler problem. Surrounding the center conductor of Dr. von Hertz’s cable is a special semi-conductive layer which minimizes local charge gradient, and as a result reduces corona loss.

When you see the cable, the first thing you will notice is its robust thickness (nearly ½”!) and its surprisingly noodle limp flexibility. Under the bright red silicone outer jacket are the highly engineered layers which are the secret to this cable’s performance.

The Complete High Intensity Body Contact System includes:
• 1.5 meter cable
• Brass tube contact end
• A magnetic fixture on the contact end which is compatible with all Electrode Charms™ for dangly, zappy fun
• A Charm System™ Lightning bolt Charm.
• A Cable Cuff for keeping your Body Contact cable organized

Playing with the cable:
* Tuck the contact rod under the partner who is bottoming for electrical play (Reverse Play)
* Tuck the contact rod on the body of the partner who is topping for electrical play (Indirect play)
* Can be used as an intense extension cable with Charm System™ charms

You need a violet wand to use this device!

For owners of the High Intensity ClearView Spark Gap Electrode (original or XL) it is possible to purchase the cable upgrade to plug into your Clearview Spark Gap Electrode.

** SOOJ, 600V, RG59, RG6, plastic coated clothes line, ball chain, etc.


CAUTION: While these electrodes are crafted from the highest quality annealed borosilicate glass, I do not recommend that you use them as an ignition source in fire play. Thermal shock can cause cracks in the glass which will let air into the tube and spoil the discharge. Is that a risk that you need to take with a one of a kind art piece? If you choose to do so, proceed at your own risk.

I do not recommend these pieces for internal play.

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Great new toy! Enjoy it's intensity!

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