Unique Handcrafted Violet Wand Electrodes, attachments, and accessories

Dr von Hertz offers The Big Red™ body contact system with the ClearView™ Spark Gap base, unique Glass electrodes including Art glass and Linear electrodes which feature lightning in a bottleel infills and The Charm System™ which allows you to add metallic and conductive accessories to your Charm System™ electrodes! The magnetic attachment provides a safe connection method that is strong enough for play, but if a Charm gets stuck or grabbed, it simply disconnects without breaking anything. You can even make your own charms, if you want something other than what we have available.

Like many, I became fascinated and then obsessed with the Violet Wand.

When I first saw one, I knew I had to have it. When I finally bought my first wand I was ecstatic! One became two, two became three, now I travel with two suitcases, and one holds only the wands. The other is electrodes and accessories. I need bigger suitcases.

I started with only a few simple electrodes, and then I bought more and more, but I started feeling that there was something missing. There was a depressing sameness to what was available.
Argon or Neon, and a small library of basic shapes copied from turn of the century medical kits. All in clear glass. BORING!

So I started researching. I read Violet Ray ads from the turn of the century. I read up on their predecessors, Geissler Tubes. I read up on gas discharge tubes in general, and Gas mixtures. Then I learned about vacuum systems, Glassworking, and Glass chemistry.

I finally had all the parts in place to create something NEW and EXCITING!

The Alchemy that happens between Fire, Glass, Vacuum, High Voltage Electricity, and the elements is wonderful.

So I offer to you these unique handmade violet wand Art Electrodes.
Nobody will EVER have the same electrode you have. You will be asked, "Where did you get THAT one?"

The Linear Electrode line is almost infinitely customizable, and you can have your own personal selection made by me, in days. Contact me directly for details. The cost is lower than you think.

Violet Wands are a wonderful kink. For me they are an obsession.

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