Temperature Guard - Apply to a Mechanical Wand to monitor temperature in play (wand not included)



One very expensive lesson to learn with your wand is that overheating it will drastically shorten its life.
But how hot IS it? Has it cooled down enough? How the hell do you know?
There is no real standard for "too hot", but you can now have a temperature gauge that will let you make an informed decision.
You can use the "calibrated thumb", or you can actually measure it.

In the pictures, you can see my wand, which had been sitting all day at 72 degrees.
I ran it for 15 minutes at full power. At the end, the case temperature was at 101 degrees.
Then I let it cool and started taking pictures as it cooled over 30 minutes.
Even after half an hour, it's still at 93 degrees, 21 degrees warmer than it was before the scene.
I could decide to do a second scene now, and I could watch the temperature during the scene, glancing at the gauge to know when to quit.

Your wand doesn't care WHY it's hot. If it's been in the car, it might be 100 or 120 degrees or more when you take it out of the car.
If you do a 15 minute scene from there, you're going to really heat up that wand.

If your wand has been sitting in your room, it might be 72 degrees and ready for a 15 minute scene.

Just apply this temperature gauge to a smooth part of your wand where heat is noticeable during use. In the pictures, you can see optimal placement on a BD-10 or BD-10AS, or any of the variants.

The kit consists of the thermometer itself, plus instructions on placement and use.
No batteries needed!

*** Pictured wand stand and wand are NOT included. ***

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Check my Fetlife profile for pictures of other electrodes I have made.


CAUTION: While these electrodes are crafted from the highest quality annealed borosilicate glass, I do not recommend that you use them as an ignition source in fire play. Thermal shock can cause cracks in the glass which will let air into the tube and spoil the discharge. Is that a risk that you need to take with a one of a kind art piece? If you choose to do so, proceed at your own risk.

I do not recommend these pieces for internal play.

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