ClearView Spark Gap Electrode - High Intensity attachment For all violet wands including deep nosed versions


The iconic Dr. von Hertz ClearView Spark Gap electrode for High Intensity play.

Fits all violet wands for 11.11mm dia electrodes, including the deep nosed styles.

This electrode will change the way you think about electrodes and accessories with spark gaps. This electrode takes the mystery out of the spark gap because it is easy for you to see and inspect. When in operation, it glows providing unmistakable proof of spark gap safety.

This electrode addresses three issues: SAFETY, INTENSITY and VARIETY.

First, as always, SAFETY. The spark gap is made of stainless steel and borosilicate glass, and is not buried in some inaccessible part of the unit where it can't be seen. Some discoloration is normal with use, but as long as the spark gap lights up, you are SAFE. Other "gapped" electrodes use improvised techniques that will fail shorted or high resistance over time, and are hidden inside where they can't be tested without specialized equipment.

There is a saying "Pics, or it didn't happen". With other spark gapped products, if you can't see it, how do you know the spark gap hasn't failed due to carbon deposits, or worse yet it might not have been there to begin with.

Second: Intensity! You can't safely get a higher intensity than this. That low cost solid state wand just got a whole new range of play, and your classic mechanical just became a MONSTER. This is not well known in the fetish community, but the reason that glass electrodes were originally invented was to knock down the intensity of the "medical" coils that were in use. This electrode takes the opposite approach and lets as much out as possible while maintaining safety. Kick that solid state wand UP a notch!

Third: Variety! This electrode is compatible with my Charm System™ using the charm adaptor, and can also be used with pretty much anything you can attach to an 8-32 screw! Whatever you can think of, be it conductive rope, stainless steel sink scrubbie or whatever, just attach it here and know that you're electrically safe because the ClearView spark gap is right there, you can SEE it, and you KNOW it's working.

You need a violet wand to use this device!

While this is not by itself a body contact, it can easily be the basis of an effective and safe body contact. A length of ball chain and the appropriate fitting for the 8-32 hardware, add some silicon tubing to fit over the chain, and you have a body contact.


CAUTION: While these electrodes are crafted from the highest quality annealed borosilicate glass, I do not recommend that you use them as an ignition source in fire play. Thermal shock can cause cracks in the glass which will let air into the tube and spoil the discharge. Is that a risk that you need to take with a one of a kind art piece? If you choose to do so, proceed at your own risk.

I do not recommend these pieces for internal play.

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It looks and functions exactly as advertised. I do enjoy the end threading as it can allow you to make some attachments for it

perfect product and shipped super fast!

it was excellent service. I accidentally purchased more then I attended

My dub gates you with the utmost l I ve!

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