Electrode Polish


Twenty grams of high quality electrode polish to keep your glass electrodes clean, sparkly, and scratch free!

This polish will work on any glass electrodes, not just mine. It also works well on the metal caps, and can make them really shine nicely.

Use: A small bit of polish on a soft damp (not wet) cloth. A little dampness helps, wet doesn't. Rub gently and watch the crud and small scratches fade away.


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Check my Fetlife profile for pictures of other electrodes I have made.


CAUTION: While these electrodes are crafted from the highest quality annealed borosilicate glass, I do not recommend that you use them as an ignition source in fire play. Thermal shock can cause cracks in the glass which will let air into the tube and spoil the discharge. Is that a risk that you need to take with a one of a kind art piece? If you choose to do so, proceed at your own risk.

I do not recommend these pieces for internal play.

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