Safety and Care Bundle - Temperature Guard™, Humidi-Guard™ and more


Shipping to United States: $10.40

A $40 value. Five useful Dr. von Hertz products for your violet wand kit.

1) Temperature Guard™
One adhesive backed Termperature Guard™ to be applied to BD-10A, BD-10AS and similar style kits. Heat kills. See how hot your wand has gotten in use.

2) Dr. von Hertz Color changing Humidi-Guard™
Protect your violet wand from failure due to corrosion caused by high humidity environments. When the silica gel turns from orange to dark green, the canister will need to be recharged in a conventional oven. Every wand kit should have one.

3) Dr. von Hertz glass polish
Twenty grams of high quality electrode polish to keep your glass electrodes clean, sparkly, and scratch free! Tiny scratches can lead to electrode failure. Use: A small bit of polish on a soft damp (not wet) cloth.

This polish will work on any glass electrode. It also works well on the metal caps, and can make them shine nicely.

4) Roll Guard (one)

The Roll Guard is a plastic collar that slides onto the top half of your wand, and encourages it not to roll by the simple fact of not being round! It also lifts up the wand a bit, protecting that side switch if you happen to have the BD-10AS model like I do.

Random color. We will honor color preferences indicated in comments where possible.

5) Mylar Intensifier Blanket
Amp up your scene by using one under your target.

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