Crackle Electrode with Charm


A great gift for that special kinky someone in your life.

The Crackle electrodes contain an infill that forces the electricity to take a torturous path, which changes moment by moment. A discharge that will remind you of lightning.

This electrode does contain the Charm System® magnet and INCLUDES the lightning bolt charm.

A note on the pictures: These are all the same electrode, taken seconds apart. The images are not retouched, simply as seen by the camera.

You need a violet wand to use this device!

All electrodes are hand polished with Cerium Oxide before shipment.

I do not recommend using glass electrodes for internal use.

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The leatherette case shown in the picture is available as an option for $5 extra. (See options)
If you decide not to purchase the leatherette case, the electrode will ship in an attractive magnetic clasp box. The leatherette case that I carry does NOT fit the art electrodes.

Check my Fetlife profile for pictures of other electrodes I have made.


CAUTION: While these electrodes are crafted from the highest quality annealed borosilicate glass, I do not recommend that you use them as an ignition source in fire play. Thermal shock can cause cracks in the glass which will let air into the tube and spoil the discharge. Is that a risk that you need to take with a one of a kind art piece? If you choose to do so, proceed at your own risk.

I do not recommend these pieces for internal play.

Reviews (2)


This piece kicks butt! Besides the ever-changing lightshow, the way the energy paths are distributed​ across a wider cross section of the attachment makes it worth every dollar. NICE!!!

Way too cool. Love the effect of these electrodes! If you don't have one of these in your wand kit, you need to get one ASAP.

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